Wednesday, November 23, 2016

G00gle Steps up News Censorship

Here's a new one:

G00gle News front page is ignoring the chemical spraying of Dakota pipeline protesters in the night in 20° weather. They are replacing that horror story with a school bus crash in Tennessee.

Old Ones:

This week when an 8.3 quake stuck Japan right next to the Fukushima Diachi nuke plant ruins and next to Fukushima Daini nuke plant - G00gle News displayed only headlines showing the Japanese scale (different from the west) of 7.3M. They gave only TEPCO press release announcements about the status of the many reactors affected or in the path of the tsunamis after the quake.

Election night (US) G00gle News STOPPED all presidential election headlines (!!) when Trump began to win. They kept the blockade going until dawn at least.

When Trump won the US presidential election G00gle News put up looser, Hillary, headlines and anti-Trump headlines only. Anti-Trump headline scheme continues to present.

G00gle News SEARCH ENGINE blocks anti-Hillary stories, pizzagate stories and Clinton Foundation crime stories (from election week to present). See for yourself! Enter search term "Clinton Foundation" into G00gle News search box and all that comes up is a bunch of Hillary-confederate planted stories about Trump's charities, foundation and how bad Trump is with those entities. No relationship to Clinton Foundation topic in the headlines or sub-headers.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Back to WP Censorship - Censoring News About Pedos

On the topic of D.C. & international elite belonging to a big fat pedophile ring. . . 

I put this search term on this related pedo-satanic cult post on my FC blog, "occult" about 4 or 5 times today. It shows up as a tag. But when you type it in the search bar you get the other articles and not this one.

So who's protecting pedos on the web?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Are Post Election Anti-Trump Flash Mobs from Soros?

We are skeptical of the instant gatherings of Hillary bots in New York and other cities after Hillary's concession speech Nov. 9th. Not that Hillary bots aren't pissed off.... but they cannot organize 100 people to show up at a campaign stop for their un-nominated nominee candidate.

Our You Tube front page this morning ^

They cannot encourage anyone to put out a yard sign or wear a button.

They can't be bothered get off the couch for an anti-war protest.

This smells like Soros.