Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Banned on video platforms - any mention of I V È Ŗ M È C Ť I N

 This miracle drug is getting everyone who talks about it banned from social media or having their videos taking down no matter how high their credentials are.


COPY of Bret Weinstein's talk on the forbidden topic (video):



Just got this today:

Friday, May 28, 2021

EXPOSED: Facebook's 'vaccine hesitancy' censorship campaign

 The Daily Mail [UK] - 

'It's highly immoral to censor users with vaccine concerns': Facebook whistleblower reveals himself and says he has been suspended by the tech giant after leaking internal documents exposing its 'vaccine hesitancy' censorship campaign

  • Morgan Kahmann appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight after he leaked internal documents exposing the tech giant's 'vaccine hesitancy' censorship campaign
  • He initially come forward anonymously to Project Veritas with documents allegedly showing Facebook was testing a 'beta' version of the algorithm
  • Kahmann, who said he has since been suspended from the company, told Carlson that Facebook's alleged actions went against his 'moral compass' 
  • 'They're afraid of what people might conclude if they see that other people are having negative side effects,' he said