Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One of the worst examples of censorship in US history - Dr. Wilhelm Reich MD And Nicolas Tesla Discovery

A Greenroad Journal -

  Dr. Wilhelm Reich MD And Nicolas Tesla Discovered Positive Life Force (Inner Light) Energy Known As Orgone Energy, Chi, Ki, Anti Life Force Death Energy Known As DOR Or Nuclear Radiation Will Destroy Humanity If Pursued 

 " . . . Despite his ground breaking and life affirming breakthroughs and discoveries, and maybe because of them, Dr. Reich MD was censored and then thrown in prison along with another medical doctor, where he died. By order of the court, all six TONS of this writings, research manuals and books were destroyed, and at his own cost, which is one of the worst examples of censorship in US history. Just like the discoveries of Nicolas Tesla, their inventions and discoveries were a threat to the monopoly powers that were present then and even up to today."

Saturday, May 25, 2019

G00gle Bans Questions about Celebrities' Sincerity of Efforts to Appear Human

Click image for full size - see what G00gle police wrote -

Epic Sellouts celeb-critic channel deleted by Google

Epic Sellouts hated celeb gender-imitators and nutty looks-obsessed famous hoi polloi  and compared photos of them.
Thanks to some of his recent posts are mirrored on the web.

Jenniffer Anniston - one eye etc.

looking at Larry King

Jeff Bezos of Amazon

Oprah the Deceiver - many photos

Barbara Bush the Most Wicked Lizard

Wednesday, May 8, 2019