Saturday, February 23, 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Google's You Tube Clumsily Tries to Prop Up Has-Been, Jusse Smollett ... even AFTER his arrest(!)

aggggg -

see his last noose-featuring music vid.

WHY they want you to not see David Icke - in person or online

So everyone knows what the thought-police want to suppress -

From this video.

All about the ban of David Icke in the next post

Australia Bans David Icke from Country

It's not enough to push out all sorts of lies as "news" and ban everyone with another narrative from social media - now they are just trying to muzzle everyone. They start with the big  fish.

In case you don't know what he was going to talk about here are some examples -

He's not for everybody but he clearly doesn't engage in illegal speech like inciting murder and such. And people don't ask for their money back after his talks.  He just sells out the next venue with twice as many seats. Maybe a little uncomfortable for parasite royals.