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Monday, February 26, 2018

Bombard's Body Language channel VANISHES from YouTube

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The website is still up but her YouTube channel is no longer available.
For anyone who might not know, this woman made videos of various people in the media, news, and entertainment sectors, mostly interview clips. She would then slow down the videos and freeze frames to show small gestures and micro movements that revealed how that person was feeling. She was really good at pointing out whether the person's body language was congruent with their statements. Lately, she's been catching politicians in their lies. Surprise, surprise, her channel has been terminated.
WTF, I wanted to see her take on these crisis actors. Even I could tell that one kid was overly nervous when defending his credibility. He also deflected away from himself and reminded the viewer that anyone who questions his authenticity is un-American and should be shamed. My alarm bells were going off, but I just knew she would point out so much more.


YouTube Threatens Info Wars - they strayed from the Fla. shooting narrative

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InfoWars Receives YouTube Termination Warning Over "Crisis Actor" Video

"The InfoWars YouTube channel received a "first strike" warning over a video suggesting that the survivors of the Parkland school shooting were coached and given lines for interviews with various media outlets following the Valentines Day massacre which left 17 dead.
The video, uploaded to the InfoWars channel with over 2.2 million subscribers, was removed for a violation of YouTube's "harassment and bullying" policy. It revolved around this clip of Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, who appeared to be having trouble conveying his account of the shooting . . . "  (more + VIDEO)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Sane Progressive Scrubbed from You Tube After Florida Shooting

Just after she mentioned some oddities with the reports of the recent school shooting in Florida YouTube blocked her channel and removed her interrupted videos she was trying to do on the topic.

Even video archives are getting scrubbed. Mirror of her video scrubbed: