Thursday, March 24, 2022

Film "The Kashmir Files" becomes massive hit despite Bollywood efforts

 This commentary sums up the film release news -


Vivek Agnihotri masterwork, The Kashmir Files recreates for the screen the accounts of survivors of the Kashmiri Pandit genocide using a documentary style format woven into an incredible drama. The establishment and MSM response in India to the film says a lot about how history gets erased by those who who would like the public to forget it.

Watch it on Odyssee -


As parts of the film are not in English here is a brief English language recap of the plot:

The earlier film, The Tashkent Files is also widely acclaimed. It deals with topic of global powers fighting for world control.


Saturday, March 12, 2022

Twitter cancels Cathy Fox reporting on child abuse


Permanent Suspension from Twitter

"19000+ followers and 5 or more years building up that following. That took effort, as I blog and post about child sexual abuse, though latterly I did expand to the illuminati as thats where child abuse and child trafficking took me. Then onto covid and other subjects, and it was covid post that got me!"