Friday, September 16, 2016

WORSE NEWS - They Probably Shut Us Down Because of The Bugle!

This really seems TRUE!

When we thought Michael Trimm had been kidnapped and murdered we were locked out of our blogs --> .

Now he is back and his news is NOT GOOD.
It Looks like it is the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle they want to shut up! 


 (You can see The Bugle, but we can't. We are barred from updating our blogs or even seeing them)


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  2. Fracking gone crazy -
    Dutchsinse -
    9/12/2016 -- We've got a FRACKING EQ problem --

  3. FC, thank you for your coverage of the Bayou Corne Sinkhole as well as other issues. I have been a follower of your postings sharing them with my facebook page. The earth is falling apart according to the information found. But, I think that it is the changed "schumann resonance" which has escalated that has a major effect on our planet. With all of the damages done by governments to control the planet and its people that has caused climate change, the resonance may have been pushed into acceleration or perhaps it is the natural way of things; but, it definitely has a role in what is happening around us. There has been so much information that has been kept from the public; this subject is just one aspect.