Monday, September 19, 2016

Why is Hillary so interested in aerial spraying?

This white paper from DC Leaks is in HER FILES. 
It's in a collection of media reports from Hillary Clinton's election staff.

Bottom of page 2:
"I’m going to talk about albedo modification. What do you do to simulate a volcano? You put aerosols up into the stratosphere, 50, 60, 70 thousand feet up into the atmosphere. The other thing you can do, at much lower levels – like a few thousand feet – is brighten the tops of the clouds off the west coast of continents. We call this albedo modification and not solar radiation management. We simply do not know enough to manage the sun’s radiation. So what are we doing? We’re reflecting sunlight, but to think we’ve got this nice, fine-tuned dial that we can set and everything’s going to be just fine is frankly the height of hubris. This is why we use the term albedo modification rather than solar radiation management.
This slide shows some of the risks that albedo modification poses. It messes about with the ozone and the stratosphere. Many modeling studies, as well as observations from nature volcanoes, show that it changes how precipitation falls – so does it mess with the monsoons in south Asia? The rainfall in the Amazon, even if you’re doing things half a world away? The more you try to understand the regional variability, the less certainty we have in that; different models give you different answers..." 

Look at the names of the fake enviro groups up at the top of the doc. 
It is a who's who of weather modification proponents.

MORE on the paper from Climate Viewer (2015) 

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