Thursday, September 1, 2016

W0rdPress ♥ Hillary! They Block Blogs Exposing her HEALTH issues and Clinton Foundation CRIMES!

The CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into the Clinton Foundation so far can be seen here - 

While it seems to still be on the web I cannot add to it or edit it.
I am BLOCKED by W0rdpress censors evidently. 

TO look at the Hillary Cllinton e-mail or DNC e-mail or other recently leaked documents exposing the culpability with the leading press organizations with her 2016 campaign see

On the parent blog, The Flying Cuttlefish Picayune, we were covering Hillary's serious health issues
You can see the posts (up to Aug. 31) here:

W 0 R D P R E S S     S T I N K S ! ! 



" . . . CYBERCOM specializes in “cyber war” and can launch attacks destroying, sabotaging, or hijacking adversary networks with computer viruses and other malware. . . . "

 - - From this 2015 BuzzFeed article on the NSA.

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