Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reditt - home of all the pro-Hillary news you can stand

Of interest -
The ban by big media on talking about Hillary's health or her e-mail crimes with security or her crimes outlined in her e-mail is illustrated when we look at Red1tt.

Red1tt is in Hiilary's pocket obviously.
Many sites and YuT00b channels were closed or censored when this topic began to go viral (on or before Sept.1).
Blogging headlines from on Hillary's illness this blog,  banned the post and blocked the blog owner from posting again. [More on the ban on this blog's earlier posts]

These flimsy tactics have not kept the political watchers in the US and around the world from watching Hillary Clinton teeter at podiums and nearly cough herself to death on camera.

Back to Red1tt and their ban....
consider this -

By Paul Joseph Watson (the 3½ million view Hillary-seizure video guy) -
(May 30, 2016) Reddit CEO: “We Know Your Dark Secrets, We Know Everything”
Huffman stokes controversy with "creepy" remark

How Red1tt downranks anti-Hillary posts, opinions ....

... and lots more

See how Red1tt bans any headline about Hillary's health from their news section, in the news section and politics section.
Their link is www{DOT}re ditt {DOTKOM} {no space in re ditt}

Red1tt for news = waste of time



  1. Redd1t was spelled wrong above on purpose --- you know who we mean - FC

    Meanwhile - several bombshells from Zero Hedge in recent days.
    Over 70% Of US Doctors Surveyed Say Hillary's Health Concerns Are "Serious, Possibly Disqualifying"

  2. Check the sequestered Hillary Health news thread on Redd1t