Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillary's absence covered up by stand-ins is fooling fewer and fewer people every day

We have a new compilation summarizing what people are finding out about Hillary's post 9-11-16 "appearances" .  

We  got tired of adding updates to our earlier post about her sidewalk appearance outside Chelsea's hospital apt.  [We update in the post comments ]

She called in to CNN to affirm she was just fine (although her team claimed she had pneumonia). When does a presidential candidate refuse to appear, even by remote hook up, on CNN shortly before an election?

She did a press-ride-along on her jumbo jet and sure looked unlike herself and her earlobes grew into the side of her neck. This stand in is different than the look-alike who was on the sidewalk. The sidewalk lady is shorter and has different ears and nose-tip. While talking on the plane she had a big white thing in her mouth. Rense speculated it may by some sort of audio transmitter or voice modulator.
Another thing -
When she does these short podium-on-the-tarmac speeches to nobody  with her jumbo-jet behind her ... that whole thing may be in front of a GREEN SCREEN too!

Plane stand-in person did a really weird appearance in the now famous Greensboro, N.C. rally. It really looks like she is doing a studio performance in front of a GREEN SCREEN and the audience was added in separately.

 [right click any video to get the url]
There are score's if not hundreds of videos like this next one on Hillary and green screen:

There are lots and lots of videos on a faked Hillary rally in Reno, Nev. (below) shortly before 9-11. The point most talked about is Hillary (or her stand in) popping onto the stage and audience members in the front waving cell phone cameras that don't show the prominent flags decorating the stage and they don't show Hillary(!).

We also cannot help being fascinated by Hillary rallies audiences.
 Not only do they all look pre-screened to the extent of overkill but sometimes they look like paid actors (not real fans but playing a rôle). Compare them to anyone in the crowd at a Trump rally. Any Trump rally. body double stories

Another item appearing a lot on You Tube etc. is this - Hillary cannot attract a crowd -
Hillary Campaign Tries To Hide Rally Photos From The Public... about a 20 percent turnout ...

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